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The Amazing Stace

and her troupe of performing cats

11 September 1984
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Right now I am feeling very happy. My goal for this year, and this life, is to feel that way as much as possible.

I could sit here and tell you about how I write rambling musings with all my eccentric, Pocky-addicted soul, but let's spare each other. I work in a biotech lab in Worcester, MA, a city that prides itself on its seven hills (like Rome), street signs with little hearts on them, and the fact that it's not Springfield.

I live in nearby Oxford, and I've been here since January 2011. I don't know a hell of a lot about this town, except they love Huguenots, being the birthplace of Clara Barton, and pizza. Seriously, there are 3000 pizza joints, and very little else.

I hail originally from Rhode Island, which is a helluva state, let me tell you. Sorry about Pauly D, everyone. Hopefully the clam chowder makes up for him, and the Farelly Brothers, and Seth McFarland too.

I like taking short walks on the beach, watching a good 80's comedy movie with loved ones, and eating weird food. I also like writing about whatever in this silly journal from time to time. If you've actually read this far, maybe you'd like to take a peek (you glutton for punishment)?