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Is this thing on?

So it looks like I'm not finishing NaNoWriMo.

But, but! There's still like 29 hours left! And you ONLY have 18,500 words to go!

Yes, but, reality has weighed in that I am tired, and that there's work tomorrow, and I've been pushing myself pretty hard all month and I feel rather worn out. I mean, damn, a lot's happened this month, to me and to people I know! I just got back from a 4-day free-for-all in Northern NH, where winter decided to visit early and kicked out almost a foot of snow. This left my Saturn struggling up a seemingly endless slope, which we finally conquered, only to get stuck in traffic caused by an accident, only to finally get home and watch the lights flicker until power finally gave up the ghost around 8. (And all our Farmville strawberries withered - the travesty!)

What I did accomplish, this Novel Writing Month - is the start of something that I hope will be good. And I do intend to finish it - I am giving myself the goal of writing another 25k words a month until the first draft is done. And while a lot of what I've written is crappy, I think there's quite a few good parts too, and overall it's a silly plot but it has potential. So, I will continue on! And one day I will have something to show for it!